This won’t be a blogorrhea (I promise)


So I’m still in search for the perfect car wash, and I decided to head to Al-Safi car wash.

Al-Safi is located in Al-Shuwaikh in Canada Dry street, and it’s location is very close to where I work.

As soon as I arrived, an Egyptian worker came up to me and placed a number above my car. The place was very crowded and busy and there was a long line of car waiting for their turn. I asked the guy how long would it take for my turn, and his answer was a very surprising ‘Sneen (years)’. I told him that I changed my mind and left the car wash.

I just decided to go back to Super Service in Al-Mansouriya, and this time when the car was dried out, I made sure to point out about the side mirrors and the car trunk and spoiler area. They tried their best and did a very good job, they also cleaned up the tires and rims which they didn’t do the last time.

Unfortunately when I arrived home, the side mirrors still left traces of water dripping from it on the door and window, though the trunk and spoiler were dried up pretty well.


It does not take a lot of effort to control your eye muscles. Yet the decision to look at something when you shouldn’t is irresistible and probably the hardest to make.

The following people need to be given the choice to be shot in the eyes or have their eyes popped with a needle:

-Anyone who looks at your computer screen when entering your office.

-Anyone who is retardedly  gay enough to start asking what’s on the screen.

-Anyone sitting beside you who looks at your mobile phone screen while your are texting.

-Anyone who is retardedly  gay enough to start asking the recipient of the text message.

-Anyone who is looking at any part of your body/clothes except the eyes while talking to you.

-Anyone who thinks there’s nothing wrong with the above.


Super Service

Yesterday after work I decided to go to a car wash, which was my car’s first. I wanted to start with the right, best and most convenient place. I asked a bunch of people, and I’ve read a review on one of them, and I made up my mind to go to Al-Falah Car Wash.

Although the weather didn’t look appealing, I thought I’d take my chances (remind me not to do that again) and proceeded to the car wash, which is located in Al-Sour street, near ‘Diwaniyat Al-Rab3’ gahwa.

I was previously planing to go there on Wednesday night, but it was closed at around 7:30. I thought ‘Hmmm.. these guys must close early’.

Today, it was closed too. I asked an Egyptian working there when do they open, he just ignored me. I honked and asked again, and he just simply replied ‘Maintenance’. I told him that’s not what I asked, I asked when do you open? He replied ‘Tomorrow Maybe’. Hehehe maybe. I took a look behind him, and there were clearly two cars being washed. Wastas even in car washes lol?

So I drove to my second option, ‘Super Service’ which is located near Al-Mansouriya’s gas station, based on my friend’s advice.

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So I was thinking to post a new blog review today since I haven’t done that for a while, but with the slow Internet, I doubt I will have the patience to make a review.  So hopefully you I’ll post a review over the weekend. I’ve already chosen a blogger.



According to Mark’s blog, Cinescape have decided to increase the price tickets from KD 2.5 to KD 3!

So basically, I will be paying an extra KD 1/2 for:

– Stupid censoring that now also chops key plots from the story and scenes from horror movies.

– Overpriced Food that has been the same for 10 years with no new additions.

–  Annoying children and retarded teens with an overdoes of hormoens that should not be in the movie.

– Old movies that have been released two years ago.

– New movies that don’t last more than two weeks.

As if the fact that Cinescape has a monopoly over the market is not enough, they now go on and increase the ticket prices.

As of today, I’m boycotting Cinescape and I urge you to do the same. I’d rather sit at home and watch a FREE movie with the food I love.


With everyone starting their own TV channel, why not let people start their own radio channels? It’s definitely cheaper than starting up a TV channel, and Kuwaiti spend a lot of their time on the road.

At the moment, the best radio station is BBC 100.1.

I mean the other morning I was listening to a report about the atrocities committed in Africa.. not really a topic I would be interested in, but the way it was presented and covered, with background sounds, it was really interesting (or maybe I’m just stoned early morning).

Not to mention their live coverage of the Premier League!

So you’ve got the following..

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As soon as Mercedes released the R-Class here, I doubted it would have any success. It looked okay but nobody drives a van/box or whatever they call it anymore! Besides Mercedes have admitted themselves it was a failure.

So then they come along and bring the GLK. Seriously WTF? It’s hideous! It looks like a glorified Lada!

The GLK was part of the 2008 Detroit Auto show.  Cleanse your eyes from that horrible Mercedes with these beauties..

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I don’t think I have fear of presentations.. I’ve done dozens before, but still I always get this horrible stomach feeling and that I’m  just going to ramble and mumble and forget stuff.. I should try getting high.. Some Nicotine would help perhaps ;p


According to Wikipedia, Kalou (Famous Chelsea football player for you who never heard of him) studied in New English School! Well at least that’s what their Wikipedia Entry says!

After further checking the contribution history of the entry, I’ve noticed some who were trying to put themselves as Notable Alumni or diss others like for instance “Samer Diab emo boy” and “Ali homo Mustafa”.

This is probably just BS and I was too lazy to dig up Kalou’s biography.


Abdulwahab Al-Awadhi Art Exhibition

Place: Dahyat Abdullah Al-Salem Gallery

Period: 8th Jan – 16th Jan

Time: 9am-1pm and 4:30pm-9pm