This won’t be a blogorrhea (I promise)


So I’m still in search for the perfect car wash, and I decided to head to Al-Safi car wash.

Al-Safi is located in Al-Shuwaikh in Canada Dry street, and it’s location is very close to where I work.

As soon as I arrived, an Egyptian worker came up to me and placed a number above my car. The place was very crowded and busy and there was a long line of car waiting for their turn. I asked the guy how long would it take for my turn, and his answer was a very surprising ‘Sneen (years)’. I told him that I changed my mind and left the car wash.

I just decided to go back to Super Service in Al-Mansouriya, and this time when the car was dried out, I made sure to point out about the side mirrors and the car trunk and spoiler area. They tried their best and did a very good job, they also cleaned up the tires and rims which they didn’t do the last time.

Unfortunately when I arrived home, the side mirrors still left traces of water dripping from it on the door and window, though the trunk and spoiler were dried up pretty well.

23 Responses to “Al-Safi”

  1. Cool so you finally found your destined car-wash,eh?

    Alsafi danon!

  2. hehehe well not really.. I went to super service cuz makan li khelg adawer mokan thani at that time

  3. I have this “paranoid new car owner” image of you, where you take the sponges and rags from the workers and clean it yourself saying “ precious”.

  4. When I get a new car, I think I’d be the person suspic is describing… I’d make sure ina e3aqmoon the rags in boiling water too… and that they wear gloves..

  5. suspic, it comes with buying new things ;p

    swair, oh we need to get together so u could teach me ur secrets ;p

  6. Maybe Al-Safi’s THAT good, hence the long queue. If u ever try it out, do write a review.

  7. wash it yourself. My car always has water drips on the windows and it annoys me! So I decided to do it myself to ensure perfectness

  8. YOU ARE TAGGED although I know you won’t do it

  9. 3azizi,

    I was a regular at Safi, then I got fed up. Here is were you go. I dont know the actual address but can guide u there.

    From the 4th rign rd, turn into Al Rai (between Al Sayer and Al Maqsoor) continue streight, after the Ace Hardware turn it is the last car wash on your right. The entire floor is painted green.

    BUT, the secter is, pick a Srilankan washer, tip him 500 fills in his hand and tell him to wash it like his car.

    THEN, sit back, as this will take at least 45 minutes of car washing only. After it is done from the wash, it will go to the people who dry the car. Give them 250 fils each, AFTER THEY ARE DONE, and your car will come out like new.

    The charges:

    Car wash, top only KD. 1.500
    Car wash, top & bottom KD. 2.500
    Greasing, per round of pump KD 0.250
    Oile change, Dont get it done there, take it to the agent.

    For more information, contact me.


    PS: Id3uli ba3adha

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