This won’t be a blogorrhea (I promise)

OMGWTF who r u?/?

A 24 year old ‘genius procrastinator’ who’s been blogging (in his imagination) since years, but now is blogging but is living (in his imagination).

9 Responses to “OMGWTF who r u?/?”

  1. Cool, keep ur “genius” ideas coming :p

  2. I just pressed on “genius procrastinator”. i thought u made that up! its totally me!!

  3. oh now you’re saying that 😛

  4. Procrastination is my game 😛 There is no one who works it better than I do and yes allllllllllllll procrastinators are geniuses!!! 😛

  5. yeaah… now everyone wants to be a procrastinator XP

  6. Actually I’ve been one ever since I was born hehe 😛

  7. Doesn’t that mean you should have never been born? ;p

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