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Super Service

Super Service

Yesterday after work I decided to go to a car wash, which was my car’s first. I wanted to start with the right, best and most convenient place. I asked a bunch of people, and I’ve read a review on one of them, and I made up my mind to go to Al-Falah Car Wash.

Although the weather didn’t look appealing, I thought I’d take my chances (remind me not to do that again) and proceeded to the car wash, which is located in Al-Sour street, near ‘Diwaniyat Al-Rab3’ gahwa.

I was previously planing to go there on Wednesday night, but it was closed at around 7:30. I thought ‘Hmmm.. these guys must close early’.

Today, it was closed too. I asked an Egyptian working there when do they open, he just ignored me. I honked and asked again, and he just simply replied ‘Maintenance’. I told him that’s not what I asked, I asked when do you open? He replied ‘Tomorrow Maybe’. Hehehe maybe. I took a look behind him, and there were clearly two cars being washed. Wastas even in car washes lol?

So I drove to my second option, ‘Super Service’ which is located near Al-Mansouriya’s gas station, based on my friend’s advice.

The place is big compared to the other car washes, and you have to drive around to the relevant stations.

At the cashier kiosk, I asked for a manual wash plus interior. There were a lot of other stuff to do there like rims polishing, car wax & polish, engine wash and other stuff that I can’t remember, but I’m sure the other car washes have all that as well. The only difference I think is that you can either have a manual or auto wash, since they have an automatic car wash tunnel. Anyways, I’m not gonna go into details, but I’ll just mention the nice/bad things I noticed:

The nice things:

– Complementary trash plastic bag + tissues

– After vacuuming the carpets, they put them inside plastic covers

– The manual wash is very good and thorough

The bad things:

– Usually the most important part of the car wash is the drying up. The Indians just used an already very soaked cloth and weren’t very good as yesterday’s dust showed traces of their movement.

– The manual wash generates a lot of water on the ground that doesn’t go to the drains properly, so there’s pools of water around you once you want to go back inside the car (I think that’s the reason they cover the carpets), but that’s easily avoidable by staying inside the car during the wash.

– Another problem is water hiding in sills and side mirrors. After getting back home, there was dirty water lines across the door coming from the side mirrors. The best thing to do about that is to just leave the car drying instead of driving it, so I can’t really blame them for that.

The manual wash and interior wash cost KD 2.500. Will I be going back there? I don’t know, I think I’ll check out a couple of other car washes in Shuwaikh. If you have any recommendations, please do mention them!

11 Responses to “Super Service”

  1. That Egyptian yenarfiz! Lw ana menik chan 7a6aytah da5il il mokayen w il merwa7a malaat il ma7a6a :@

    Il jaw 7adaah kan bid3a ana wala mara wadayt my car ‘3aseel ma7a6a. Shakli bawadeeha bs etha 6ala3 lee hal Egyptian ra7 asawi feh film! hehe

  2. you know fee car wash bel shuweikh next to Mary Brown, they are good too bas they didn’t provide me with the tissue box :@

  3. chan haffaitah bil-sayyara =/

  4. Perfecty, I’m probably going to Super Service again today (mali khelg elshwaikh), my car is tooo dusty, I can’t see it like that ;p

    chikapappi, Im gonna try Al-Safi in shuwaikh next week.

    outkasty, kan weddi bas I’m a civilized person ;P

  5. why not take it to el wekala and get it over with?

  6. clean it bel wekala? I dont know if they do that. It wouldnt be convenient either.

  7. not sure about convenience but they usually do a great job..u’ll get that new car smell 😛

  8. How’s the waiting place? Another bench, or a nice room with tea?

    I don’t own a car, I get other people’s cars dirty..I don’t feel guilty while doing so also.

  9. suspic, I don’t know if they do have a waiting room. I’ll check next time if i go there again.

  10. Working at the car wash wo wo yea yea! At the car wash yeaaaa!

    I don’t know a thing about that place!

  11. I wish they had bikini car washes here..

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