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WTF Cinema tickets price increase??/


According to Mark’s blog, Cinescape have decided to increase the price tickets from KD 2.5 to KD 3!

So basically, I will be paying an extra KD 1/2 for:

– Stupid censoring that now also chops key plots from the story and scenes from horror movies.

– Overpriced Food that has been the same for 10 years with no new additions.

–  Annoying children and retarded teens with an overdoes of hormoens that should not be in the movie.

– Old movies that have been released two years ago.

– New movies that don’t last more than two weeks.

As if the fact that Cinescape has a monopoly over the market is not enough, they now go on and increase the ticket prices.

As of today, I’m boycotting Cinescape and I urge you to do the same. I’d rather sit at home and watch a FREE movie with the food I love.

13 Responses to “WTF Cinema tickets price increase??/”

  1. ASSFACES!!! It’s horrible as it is ba3ad nidfa3 more?! a mere 100 fils increase would be outragous considering their current fucked-up strategies

  2. kaileena, we definitely need another company for competition.

  3. had a39abek lol ;p y3nii at least kel ethnain eb 1.500 shay jamiil ;p

  4. I’ll only go for the good PG-13 movies that deserve a cinema preview. Other than that, I’ve stopped going for quite some time now.

    The LCD screen and surround sound system seem like money well spent I don’t need the bastards.

    I’m fine with cutting sexual content, but when they cut headshots and gore in action/horror films, and scenes they deem unnecessary it’s just too much.

  5. Zuzu, bas yom elathain dowaniyat bo 7ammood!!

    suspic, yeah I agree with you.. the sexual content can be seen later on at home.

  6. I agree and I’m boycotting them too !
    Lena3ta9im ! Al2an !!! ;p

    It’s really not about the money, but they don’t deserve any fils zyada then what they are getting ! Which is still overpriced for the quality of movies they r showin!
    I swear ! I honestly don’t mind them cutting out sexual scenes, but not important scenes that one must see to understand the movie ! I say don’t bring the effing movie n show it if u know ur gonna chop it up like carrots 9ara7atan! Because when ur inside watching the movie, then realize its too chopped up , khalas ! Ra7at 3alaik, i for one cant leave ib ne9a then go home and watch a pirated one! Khalas the suspension is killed, lazim akamlah. grr.
    KNCC make me so mad.
    They shouldn’t solely have monopoly over the market.

    Lena3ta9em al2an :p

  7. Cinescape Ups Prices

    From the official Cinescape website:
    Effective 7th February, ticket prices will be KD 3.000 except on Mondays.
    Way to go Cinescape! It’s now even less attractive to watch movies there.

  8. Badrah, I announce you head of the boycotting committee ;p

  9. ana bas baroo7 youm il-athnain =/

  10. outkasty, yeah you and the other 10000 who are thinking like you ;p

  11. Ana agool ohma zadoohom 3ashan shamaw 5abar ena bezidon il rawateb. Lazem ye6al3on il ezyada min e3yoona, mako shay ib balash. Ana already baa6 chabdi il food eli wayed over-priced w madri 3ala shino. I stopped going to cinemas since 2004 if not even earlier b3ad.

  12. Well i guess the DVD guys that come over to your house or have stores will just keep on making more money ! Screw the experience at Cinescape it blows!

  13. even those guys are gonna disappear soon with the raise of torrent downloads.

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