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Salomon Kalou studied in Kuwait?

According to Wikipedia, Kalou (Famous Chelsea football player for you who never heard of him) studied in New English School! Well at least that’s what their Wikipedia Entry says!

After further checking the contribution history of the entry, I’ve noticed some who were trying to put themselves as Notable Alumni or diss others like for instance “Samer Diab emo boy” and “Ali homo Mustafa”.

This is probably just BS and I was too lazy to dig up Kalou’s biography.

7 Responses to “Salomon Kalou studied in Kuwait?”

  1. Hao Kalou kan ib deeratna wi7na mu 7asseen??

    *Not quite familiar with the dude but the name is pretty foreign*

  2. chena 7atta hathey hmm, murt a7mad 7elmi, MUNA ZAKI =F kanat tadris bil Kuwait, oo Diana 7addad o mino ba3ad .. hmmm nsait =/

  3. hmm.. ya3ni we could give Kalou eljinsiya men bab ‘a3mal jaleela’ and let him represent the national team.. we could do that to with the others u mentioend too ;p

  4. LOL! tara esawoonha rabi3na 😛

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  6. lol cava atout les amis

  7. slt cava hada hoya mon msn

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