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The ugliest Mercedes ever


As soon as Mercedes released the R-Class here, I doubted it would have any success. It looked okay but nobody drives a van/box or whatever they call it anymore! Besides Mercedes have admitted themselves it was a failure.

So then they come along and bring the GLK. Seriously WTF? It’s hideous! It looks like a glorified Lada!

The GLK was part of the 2008 Detroit Auto show.  Cleanse your eyes from that horrible Mercedes with these beauties..

Lexus LF-A Roadster


Cadillac CTS Coupe Concept


You can check out all the news and pics of the Detroit Auto Show here.

On a personal note, I’ve reserved my Infiniti G37 last week. There were only FIVE cars available, one for each colour. The remaining ones are Red, Black and White.

16 Responses to “The ugliest Mercedes ever”

  1. LOOOL! I WAS GOING TO POST ABOUT THE AUTO-SHOW! 7addda fi33333lan jaikara il-mercedes =F

    CTS coupe’ *faints* raw3a! =[

  2. I believe that Mercedes has buck teeth, the grill looks like a retard’s smile.

    The lexus is sexXxy! The CTS is pretty slick too..Damn.. truly t3qem for the eyes after the Merc.

  3. Outkasty, ya.. so you can’t post about that XP

    The sad thing is that most (if not all) of the new Mercedes’ are just.. yawn.

  4. Mabrook for your infinity dude, it sure is a cool ride

  5. Thanks darabeel 🙂

  6. If you know somebody who has the Lexus, tell them to call me *wiggles eyebrows* lol
    jk :p

  7. Infiniti G37 no? ;p

  8. a7 poor mercedes! chinna msaweenha o uhma m7ashisheen..Okay Cadillac CTS is too hot *ttsss*

  9. mercedes suck!

    bmw’s rule!

  10. kaileena, inshalla enshofech etsogenha 😉

    eshda3wa, yeah lately they do.. i wouldnt put my money on a bmw though ;p

  11. ana mo 3ajebni kil il new line mal il mercedes. wayed ‘3ayeraw feha. bs this one is so ugly.. omg.

  12. Yeah they’re going backwards with the new designs. The newly announced CLC is an example (previously called C-Coupe).

  13. R-class is a nice, comfortable, practical and a nice looking vehicle.

    You have no clue.

  14. And one year later, it looks like Merc BMW and Lexus are still competing for the ugliest luxury classes on the road today. Even Porsche never quite managed to leave that “frogface” look. Whatever happened to those brilliant designs like the Supra of the 80s followed shortly by the killer MR2s and 4runners – cars that people would drop briefcases of cash at the auto shows? Today, the looks go to boring cars like Mazda, Acura and Scion for Christs sake. The most positively aggressive seems to be the Cadillac but its not sure where that image will go. I’m kind of happy with my wife’s SLK but…. its not a head turner for the dough I dropped and also….. its my wife’s.

  15. Are u kidding me

    that lexus is ugly as h***

    The cadillac is pretty badass

  16. b200 is the ugliest off all time
    my good spend that extra 5grand and get the c class lol !

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