This won’t be a blogorrhea (I promise)

African civil wars at 6am are interesting

With everyone starting their own TV channel, why not let people start their own radio channels? It’s definitely cheaper than starting up a TV channel, and Kuwaiti spend a lot of their time on the road.

At the moment, the best radio station is BBC 100.1.

I mean the other morning I was listening to a report about the atrocities committed in Africa.. not really a topic I would be interested in, but the way it was presented and covered, with background sounds, it was really interesting (or maybe I’m just stoned early morning).

Not to mention their live coverage of the Premier League!

So you’ve got the following..

99.7 Superstation RKFM whatever

Repetitive fag music and shows with filipino callers

88.8 Marina

It was promising, but I’m really sick of listening to dumb people who cannot name a fruit using a letter from the alphabet. And Mish3al Alshaye3 is a retard.

Radio Sawa

Whenever I switch to it, there’s always Khaleji songs, which is for lonely people who need to listen to another person emitting a sound that is supposed to be singing when in fact it’s only a moaning sheep/goat.

BBC Radio

Or you can use one of the many vacant memory cells to learn about African Civil wars at 6am instead of frying it by the sulking sheep/goat mentioned above.

What we really need is something like XM Satellite Radio, I mean it’s service includes 73 different music channels, 39 news, sports, talk and entertainment channels, 21 regional traffic and weather channels and 23 play-by-play sports channels.

It would be really cool if a company similar to Showtime would broadcast some of the channels.

11 Responses to “African civil wars at 6am are interesting”

  1. quit listening to radio and stick to an Ipod or somethin’ o quit complaining! effft

  2. all the marina fm guys are retarded especially the dewanya guys open minded my ass

  3. chikapappi, I’ll quit complaining as soon as you reach ur target weight, deal? XP

    greyshorts, yeah probably but Mesh3al Alshaye3 is a special breed of retards.

  4. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL M. ELSHAY3 RETARD O BS? ohwa sabab enkhefaaath nisabat il-mustame3een lol

  5. FINALY SOMEONE SHARES MY OPIONION ABOUT KHALEJI MUSIC!!!!!! I agree with Chika..I never use the radio! connect your ipod to your car and you’re in for a customized-atmosphere ride!

  6. Outkasty, If only he knew ;p

    kaileena, I’m picky about music. A 700MB CD is enough for me to store all my favorite music, so eventually I get bored from the CD, and that’s also why I don’t have an iPod.

  7. Why do we need the iPod? A country can’t serve good music to its men and women? That’s blasphemy.

    What do you call going out and having to listen to girls flirt with talk show hosts, when I just want some nice music for a night out?

    When I flip through channels it’s talk show, talk show, gay 90’s music, news reported by a creepy deep voiced Egyptian guy.

    Salam FM(98.4), the anasheed one, puts more songs than them ffs.

  8. suspic, shallow programs for shallow people

  9. What happened to your happy face in your avatar? 😐

    You ARE stoned!

  10. I love my iPod.
    & M. Al-Shaye3 needs to be murdered. I’m serious. He can’t be this annoying unless he has a death wish.

    Has anybody seen the show where he talks to children?

    I think it was on Funoon.. I swear to God, the kids were staring at him like, “Lemme guess… death wish? ‘Cause if you think you’re an adult, you’ve got to be kidding me…”

  11. suspic, lol yeah im definitely stoned at the moment ;p

    swair, have you seen the email forward with his glamour shots and poses? you must ;p

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