This won’t be a blogorrhea (I promise)

The urge to look

It does not take a lot of effort to control your eye muscles. Yet the decision to look at something when you shouldn’t is irresistible and probably the hardest to make.

The following people need to be given the choice to be shot in the eyes or have their eyes popped with a needle:

-Anyone who looks at your computer screen when entering your office.

-Anyone who is retardedly  gay enough to start asking what’s on the screen.

-Anyone sitting beside you who looks at your mobile phone screen while your are texting.

-Anyone who is retardedly  gay enough to start asking the recipient of the text message.

-Anyone who is looking at any part of your body/clothes except the eyes while talking to you.

-Anyone who thinks there’s nothing wrong with the above.

7 Responses to “The urge to look”

  1. I belong to the sixth category LOL 😛

  2. May I add?

    – Anyone who who opens your camera when you leave the room at a dinner party and asks who “who’s that riding the banshee?”

    – Anyone who quickly opens your mobile to check your msgs and gallery when you go to the restroom

    – Anyone

  3. Sorry!

    – Anyone who asks you to lend them 100 fils for the vending machine just to see what brand is your wallet.

    Believe it or not..first two were done by one person but different victims..****face

  4. Oooh! Oooh! 4 stars! I know the word!! =O

    Here’s a nice one about curiosity :

    – My cousin gets on my computer, opens control panel, shows hidden files and searches through my documents.

    Tawa ams I was at my grandma’s house and she had visitors, and this one lady grabbed me, put her cell fon in my hand and was like “Dawreeli 9owar bint madri mino oo bint madri mino!!”
    And I’m like “holy crap, leave me alone!!” I HATE searching through people’s phones cos I wouldn’t really want them to be looking through my phone!

  6. noufa, so what are you going to choose? be shot on the eyes or have ur eyes popped up? 🙂

    kaileena, while the things i mentioned might be the result of a natural human behavior of curiosity, checking somebody else’s mobile is a mental disease that must be treated.

    suspic, that’s another mental disease to treat ;p

    swair, unfortunately women are in a league of their own when it comes to these things ;p

  7. haha this was funny!

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