This won’t be a blogorrhea (I promise)

I hate presentations

I don’t think I have fear of presentations.. I’ve done dozens before, but still I always get this horrible stomach feeling and that I’m  just going to ramble and mumble and forget stuff.. I should try getting high.. Some Nicotine would help perhaps ;p

10 Responses to “I hate presentations”

  1. Take a deep breath and imagine Jessica Alba/any hot chick naked.. on the desk facing you.. bouncing with cheerleader bonbon-thingies..

    Not matter what you do, do NOT imagine the people with you naked… I repeat.. DO NOT..

  2. looool…ummm.. thank god I didnt read that this morning! I think I would have remembered what you said and started laughing ;p

    Besides Jessica Alba naked would make me even more nervous and I’d start to sweat in addition to other things that I will not mention ;p

  3. Key is don’t be nervous (I know its so hard to do) but just put in your mind that in 3-4 mins you’re going to finish and that theres no reason to be nervous cuz the audience you’re nervous from will have the same feeling if they’re in your shoes! Trust me I did 7 presentations this course ALONE..I know my shit -_-

  4. Kaileena, i know ive done line 20+ presentations in uni.. but I still hate it :/

  5. I focus on one spot in the wall, a spot where they think I’m looking at someone not the wall, and occasionaly I turn at them and talk. Other times I talk like I own the place and already know I’ll get the grade.

    I recommend not trying to be funny, ’cause that awkward silence waiting for a laugh is horrible.

  6. Well I’ve done the presentation, and I learned a few things. Looking at a fixed spot might work in a big group, but in a small group eye contact with every person is needed for a successful presentation as people usually notice body language most. Also, knowing who your audience is is very important so you can personalize ur presentation the right way and hence know when and how to be humorous.

  7. i get knots in my stomach too
    but i guess all u can do is see urself thru it!

  8. You’re right on that one eshda3wa 😉

  9. its because your a loser

  10. awwwwww my first hate comment *tear*

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