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Infiniti G37 now available


I saw an ad for the G37 before yesterday while on the road, so I called up Al-Babtain yesterday, and asked if it’s available, they said yes and it will be in their showroom in the next few days.

I also asked how much is it going to be priced, and the guy told me (KD 14,500) which is (KD 1,000) more expensive than the previous model and (KD 650) more than what I was told by them before.

I’ve put an X on the BMW 325 coupe due to all the negative feedback I got especially about their dealer. But due the fact that G37 is now priced closer to (KD 15,000), this has made me think of the Lexus GS 300 as a second option.

8 Responses to “Infiniti G37 now available”

  1. The bumper’s too empty, too much space between the door and the rear.

    The GS is sexy, also a big FU to those who are calling it ‘BM el3gad’.

  2. So like u wanna stick some lights and accessories on the spaces? 😛

  3. No, I just blame the design team for the empty space. It shouldn’t be there.

    It’s not exactly a 15K design y’know? It’s the typical 2 door sedan design. Allahoma Toyota Avalon lights on the back, o Nissan’s 350 Z lights on the front, and the typical gadgets inside.

    Pay 2K more and get a clean used Porsche.

  4. I think the design team made a good job. The previous model 35 looked nice, but the head lights were ugly. The new headlights and tail lights look anything but the cars u mentioned. Besides, the G coupe IS based on the successful Nissan Z platform, and it is the luxury version of the Z so there is no ‘blame’ on the design team.

    Also, the G37 does not cost 15K. The actual US price for a standard G37 is 12K. Make it full option + shipment + dealer’s profit and it gets to 14K.

    So why should I pay 3K more for a used car that will probably cost another 3K at least to maintain through out its life?

  5. i say go for it , i just got myself the EX and gosshhhh it’s a beauty !
    i wanted to get this car but i have a bunch of nephews which i carry along most of the way !
    if u are really welling to get it for a full option and payin in cash they’d be happy to drop of 500 kd of the price which they did for me 🙂

  6. oh the EX is already out?!

    I already got the G37 3 weeks ago 😉

  7. mabro0k , ya36eek 5airha o ykafeek sharha inshallah 🙂

  8. Thanks, same to you 😉

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