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Indian villagers walk a dozen miles to charge mobiles

about 30 to 40 individuals living in a Dalit village some 50 miles from Sagar in Madhya Pradesh are trudging around 12 miles per day just to get their mobile phones juiced back up for the next 24 hours of yappin’“.

That’s about 19 Kilometers for you metric fans.

I imagined if we had to do that in Kuwait .. everyone will be hot, sexy and fit considering how much people talk here!

12 Responses to “Indian villagers walk a dozen miles to charge mobiles”

  1. LOOOL! baaih, allah yhadeek law raye7 tzoorhom chan afthal lol

  2. So true, but knowing Kuwaiti’s, they’ll just find an illegal way or any other way to charge their mobiles, no?

  3. you mean “Charge”, not “Chager”, right?

    As soon as you fix the title, delete this comment lol

  4. Outkasty, probably 🙂

    Mad White Woman, Indeed or hire some asians to do it for them ;p

    Swair, huh.. what are you talking about? ;p

  5. I’m too lazy to charge my phone when the wire’s on the floor, not on the nightstand and you expect me to walk miles to do so?

    a7la sankist box o a bunch of strings, bala phone. Old school.

  6. What the hell.. didn’t I just post here? :@

  7. A7 19 kilometers! yalait lo ysawon fena chithy! that would be the greatest incentive to walk here in kuwait!

  8. kaileena,
    Kuwaitis will just send their drivers/maids to charge the mobiles for them ;p

  9. might be silly question, but by charging you mean credit or battery? There are some tiny recharging devices like denamo mal el gari where u can use to recharge ur cellphone. I’m sure its easier than walking that long distance >_<

  10. I mean battery charge, but I guess the device is too expensive or not available probably.

  11. Suspic,
    Wordpress decided that your comments were spam, sorry good thing I checked ;p

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