This won’t be a blogorrhea (I promise)

Bard Elkweet Edesh El3athm!

For the people who cannot read the title, it’s mainly a kuwait term that translates to “Kuwait’s cold hits the bone” or something similar to that meaning.

I must say that whoever invented that saying must have been stupid (but is forgiven for his stupidity considering the fact of limited access or need for science at that time) and whoever says it nowadays must be shot immediately.

So this guy went to Europe and he tells me “Man it was so cold.. but still bard elkweet edesh bel3athm!”.

I spent the next half hour arguing with him and trying to convince him that 9 degrees is in fact not colder than whatever number comes below 9. At that moment I decided that whoever says that needs to be shot.

7 Responses to “Bard Elkweet Edesh El3athm!”

  1. ZzZzZzZZZzzZzZzzZz!

  2. how original 😉

  3. lool!
    I think he felt this way cuz mitlabchin labis il kabat killa when he went there cuz he expected the cold and his expectations were not met 3adil, but in Kuwait he probably feels it colder cuz mit3awdeen 3al 7ar for 9 months then BOOM the weather’s 9 degrees out!

  4. a friend of our family, said that too! oooo she’s french 3ala fekra 😛

  5. It’s probably ’cause we don’t buy actual winter clothes..and make fun of the people who do saying “5ri3aw elbard”, so we get out wearing a tshirt and a light jacket on and we say “damn, colder than Iceland!!”.

    ..but yeah..I don’t know.


  6. kaileena, suspic yeah you’re both right.

    Outkasty, well that’s one more person to shoot.

  7. Actually, I believe that it’s so true. I have been to France where the weather over there reached -1! But still whenever I put on layers of clothes, I tend to get warmer. Bas hnee?? La! I tried to do a BBQ outside magidart cuz bardna sij idish il 3tham! Ya3ni my bones reaaally do ACHE!!

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