This won’t be a blogorrhea (I promise)


Yeah it’s been a while since I wrote. It’s not that I didn’t have time to write, or that I didn’t have something to write about. I just didn’t feel the need to write.

I came up to a conclusion that starting this blog and writing was some kind of phase I was going through and I guess that phase just went away.

So I went to  and submitted the term blogphase. I felt that many people went through this phase and we needed a word to define it ;p

My word and definition is being reviewed by the editors at the moment!

7 Responses to “Blogphase”

  1. that interested in blogging so you go do that! eh

  2. I read your comment three times, and then re-read my post twice, but I still couldn’t get what you said.

  3. I think what she wanted to say is “Do what made you interested in blogging, and you go do that.” or something similar?

    Anyways, ana 6ooool hal waqt I thought you were reviewing my blog! tsk tsk tsk, I said take your time bs mo le hal daraja :p

  4. Yeah, I is in your spot now. It feels more of an obligation than a fun thing now.

  5. Swair, inshalla as soon as I get into the blogging mood again I will ;p

    suspic, I guess you’re right on that one.

  6. does this mean u wont blog anymore?

  7. is it going to make you happy? ;p

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