This won’t be a blogorrhea (I promise)

Women and jealousy WTFFF?//

You all remember female employee (2) and Senior female employee right?

Before I start, I would like to give a better description of the two female employees mentioned above so it’s easier to understand and imagine the characters.

Female employee (2)

Age: Late twenties

Marital status: Married

Basic characteristics: Hard working, strong personality, very ambitious, good looking.

Senior female employee

Age: Mid thirties

Marital status: Single (ooopps)

Basic Characteristics: Cares about socializing, not ambitious, average looking + has problems with food (i.e dieting, papers titled ‘How to reduce your thighs’ left on the printer), probably going through a mid-life crisis (recently bought a new expensive sport coupe), likes to joke and jokes a lot about her weight, appearance and misfortune.

The Story

Since Female employee (2) [FE2] is a hardworking and an ambitious person, it was only natural for me to spend most of the time working with her, especially since the rest my department falls into the dumb blond category.

FE2 shares with me the same view of the department, and finds me hardworking and ambitious, therefore, always choses me for help or teamwork.

Senior female employee [SFE] being the joker of the department, couldn’t help but notice how me and FE2 spend most of the time together. So she started making jokes about it, things like threatening FE2’s husband about it. Okay it was funny at first, but joking about it on a daily basis and in front of my boss and other employees is NOT funny, especially that when SFE jokes, she does it VERY loudly and makes sure the whole department hears it. Which also led to other employees (not surprisingly female)  to sometimes throw jokes at me in an indirect way.

I’ve spoken to FE2 about this, and she agreed and felt the same annoyance. We both agreed that it’s basically jealousy of two ambitious good looking employees ;p

So what happened today is that FE2 blew it in SFE face. The look on SFE was priceless!

7 Responses to “Women and jealousy WTFFF?//”

  1. no pics? 7asafa.

  2. Of the ladies? hahaha

  3. you should start shouting sexual harassment
    That is not very proper or professional in a work setting -_-

  4. Laialy_q8,
    Tell me about it! But don’t worry me and FE2 have it all planned out 😉

  5. Women are so competitive, hence the jealousy!

  6. I think there’s a big difference between jealousy and competition!

  7. 3azizi,

    I suggest you stay out of it. There are more than one way to look at it.

    1 – The 2 of u are attracted to each other, which is wrong for the girl.
    2 – The older lady is jealous and want to either expose you both or want you for herself, especially when she is single and desperate.
    3 – As one of the people here said, she has it all planned.
    4 – You are getting attracted to her due to FE2’s tasks and apparently have a crush on her. If you are married, then it is bad news as you will eventually compare your wife to FE2.

    I know the reply is late, but I just saw it and better late than never.

    Good _uck

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