This won’t be a blogorrhea (I promise)

Blog Review: Laialy q8

 Laialy q8

Blog reviews are not personal attacks. The review does not assess the owner’s personality but it’s content.

Laialy q8’s blog is a lesson to all those blogorrheas and cluttered blogs with every widget/add-on on earth. Every post is no longer than five lines and most posts come with a relevant image. The blog just looks appealing and easy on the eyes. The design is simple and the blog banner easily tells you what Laialy q8’s passion is. Shoes.

The blogs biggest selling point is also it’s shortcoming. Sometimes you just wish there was a little more ‘meat’ in the post. Just a few extra lines to make it more interesting. Now if only Laialy q8 can hit the sweet spot and find a balance.

Design: Excellent
Blogorrhea: None-existant
Content: Personal mostly
Comment response: Friendly

Rating:  4 stars

7 Responses to “Blog Review: Laialy q8”

  1. Thank you ^_^
    I’ll take your observation and opinion into account 🙂

  2. LOL!! What does Blogorrhea mean?

  3. 🙂 yes be nice to the girls dude! So am the only female who made you sick 😛

  4. Swair,
    You were a very close candidate for a review ;p

    You’re most welcome 😉

    “Typically refers to meaningless ranting and raving on a blog.” –

    “A blog characterized by excessive commenting on irrelevant facts. We say that the blogger suffers from uncontrollable verbal discharge or blogorrhea.

    This guy’s blog is full of useless crap. It is like his brain just burst with projectile blogorrhea. ” – Urban Dictionary

    Basically yeah XP

  5. hahaha take your time :p
    mo mista3yela 3ala rizgi lol

  6. He decided the plight in dedication was anew unjust as a backdrop.

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