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Japanese power vs. German engineering

So I’m thinking of getting a car in a few months. After researching and reading, I’ve came up to two candidates:

BMW 325 Coupe

BMW 3 Series Coupe


German engineering, will serve for many years, GPS Navigation, can get a good discount on it.


Expensive service, It’s other models (5 series and 7 series) are getting a reputation of having lots of breakdowns/faults.

Infiniti G37:

Infiniti G37


Powerful engine, F1 Paddle shifts, Rear camera, Cheap service


No GPS navigation (unconfirmed)

Since I can get a good discount on the BMW, the price of both cars are almost identical. The G37 is more powerful (330hp compared to BMW’s 215hp) and it has more options (excluding the navigation) and since most of it’s parts are Nissan, the car service will be a lot cheaper.

UPDATE: I’ve emailed Al-Babtain about the availability of the G37 and asked them a few other questions. It’s very nice to see that they check their emails and spend some time answering them. Anyways, most of the answers I got were bad news.

1-When will I be able to pre-order the G37? You would be able to pre-order it by the end of June 2008.
2-Will all colors be available?Availability of colors- Black / White / Silver / Red and Dark Blue.
3-Will the car have GPS navigation?Yes, Navigation system is available.
4-What will be the approximate price of the car?KD 13,850
5-Will the car make a showing in the upcoming car show in Mishref?Yes, the car is now available at the Motor Show in Mishref. You can have a visit to see the G37. The motor show started from 28th of Nov until 4th of Dec 2007.

I’m really disappointed that the car’s release date slipped from mid January then March and now all the way to June 2008, especially knowing that the car is available in Japan and US since last August. The limited colours available is also disappointing.

14 Responses to “Japanese power vs. German engineering”

  1. THAT Infiniti is a sexy mofo… oo bas.

  2. woho!!! That’s shekshy for sure! I am against Japs though! :/

  3. If both cars were unbranded and were just named car A and car B, the G37 would whip BMW’s ass, not only the 325 but also the 335.

  4. Sorry, but the BMW looks like an awkward rejected dildo..

  5. From my experience with Infiniti(FX35), it’s all nice and dandy, but paint-wise it gets pale quickly, the leather seats’ color fades too or catches the dye of whatever you’re wearing jeans or so. I’ve noticed the paint thing in G37s a lot too.

    Minor things, but with daily use you kinda get sick of the car. BMW’s sexy, plus it’s hella nice to drive and will age gracefully.

    I have no info to back me up except personal observation so don’t get in a debate with me or something..

  6. Swair,
    I don’t own any dildos so I can’t really agree or disagree with you ;p

    Unless you’re living in the US, G37 has not been released here in Kuwait yet.
    What made you sick from daily use of the car? What did it do that other cars don’t? (not debating but asking for real 😉 )

  7. :: BMW BMW BMW 🙂

  8. Then what’s that other Infiniti coupe in Kuwait called?

    What makes you sick is noticing minor flaws every day and you can’t do anything about them so they turn big, then you dislike your car and such. It’s still coolio but the fascination of your new car goes away, like the seat you sit on everyday has a weird dye on the sides and changes from sun exposure, the damn screen is orange not colored, when you walk out to your car it’s pale paint-wise.

    We have this 2000 5Series BMW and it’s still looking badass inside and outside, and hella fun to drive. That’s 7 years and still kickin’ compared to the Infiniti’s 1 year(Exterior-wise).

  9. suspic,
    Oh you haven’t seen the new G37! The one available right now is G35. The interior is totally changed for the G37. Check it out in the link above in the post.

  10. Call me Seelani but I still say the BMW, the Infiniti looks like the coupe version of the Avalon and the interior the BMW’s elfa9il beinhom would be the test-drive..but Beemers are very very nice to drive.. it should be smooth to drive since it’s a dildo mobile and all, eh?

  11. free car quote

    Excellent post. Keep it up!

  12. if you want a car that has presence, class, never goes out of style, basically a car a man drives, get the BMW.
    The infiniti is a boy’s car, next year, its gonna be out of style. BMs never go out of style !

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