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Women and teamwork WTFFF?//

First I’d like to describe my department. We are 5 people.. and I’m the only guy. We have been split into two teams for two assignments.

Team 1: Me (trainee), Senior female employee, female employee (1).

Since this is a team, and I’m a trainee, I approached female employee (1) to ‘consult’ on how to initially start the assignment. Unfortunately, I gave her too much credit when I thought of consulting her. Whenever I approach her, she always says she’s busy at the moment. During the assignment period I overheard her several times mentioning that work is slow and there is no work. So what I did is start work on my own. After finishing almost 80% of the work (several data comparisons), she comes to me and asks me why I didn’t tell her anything and kept her out of the loop. Eventually she did one column. She also didn’t mention to me nor our boss that she has a one week vacation and a one week course afterwards on her last day before she went. So Senior female employee enters the picture. She is a nice person, but her work rate is of a fat aging seal. In 3 hours we managed to write half a page of a report. Two of the three hours she spent them talking on the phone. It was her birthday awwww.

Team 2: Female (trainee), Female employee (2), External female employee from another department.

Female trainee is all about showing off. She only came to work here because of -and I quote-“prestige”. She always comes late, and spends the first two hours (and the last two hours) talking and gossiping with the other girls on the floor (she also had the nerve to complain that I got higher appraisal than her once). All the tasks that were given to her for the assignment are still sitting nicely on her desk unfinished. Female employee (2) dislikes and hates female trainee because of her ignorance (and arrogance), she’s also in conflict with the external female employee from the other department, and both of them want to do the assignment their way which is resulting in double work. Since Team (2) is short on employees, Female employee (2) asked me to do some of the team’s tasks unofficially.

I’m also not eligible for any bonuses since I’m a trainee. So basically, people like Female employee (1) and Senior Female employee will get all the credit.

16 Responses to “Women and teamwork WTFFF?//”

  1. That’s unfair… I don’t give a damn if they’re female, that’s very bitchful of them!

    I say tell someone who’s higher in ranking… just because you’re a trainee mo ma3nata yenwekel 7agik! and it won’t be considered whining or complaining because the work is done, at least inform whoever the boss is that as employees, they’re very incompetent and aren’t supposed to depend on a trainee (aka you) to do all the work.. and even if he does 3/4 (and more) of the work, he should definitely get credit cos apparently, he’s doing a better and quicker job than any of the actual employees…

    And that female trainee can stick that “prestige” up her ass!

  2. i hate working with women like that.. and i’m sad that they give the rest of us a bad rep.

    i had probs when i first joined my previous employer. i ended up doing the work on my own when i realized that the others weren’t on board. luckily, it eventually did get noticed and it did me good. Good luck!

  3. these are pretty bad females! no wonder why you hate us! I say declare war on these bimbos! I could help if you want!

  4. efrith rojoltik, sit on all fours 3la one of the desks o roar like a lion..

  5. Swair,
    Problem is.. the whole floor is infested with women ;p And once word spreads out that I dissed an employee.. you know the rest. Fortunately though I don’t need to take that risk, because thankfully my boss recognizes my efforts.

    Don’t worry about bad rep, I judge every woman individually ;p

    Oh no need, me and Female Employee (2) got it all planned out 😉

    I prefer to use more civilized methods, but I’m glad it worked out for you ;p

  6. Oh man!!! I think if i was there I woudv smack’d them all. seriously why?
    I’m a woman, but i don’t take female only classes nor to work in a group with girls only everyone of them compares her work with other gal’s work and if one of them ddt work no1 works!! boys are better plus they do all there work w/o nagging or asking stupid Q’s to get out of it or bitching about it. I feel sorry for you te only consolation that Im laughing wile I was reading u’r post, yet its sad how some women act like this.

  7. Exactly! A woman’s place is the kitchen 😀

  8. Dude!!!! calm down! we dont want the extremes here!
    w/o women a sophisticated society wont exist. If only men rules life wuld be like the stone age!

  9. But only men rule already!

  10. i don’t think you should generalize and say “women” it just happened to be those two that you came across … it really about people not having any “work ethics”

  11. Don’t worry it wasn’t a generalization, BUT these were not the first two I came across, and sorry to say this but this kind of behavior is much known among Kuwaiti female workers, not that men have a shiny clean history -just to keep things fair- 🙂


  13. What do they call people who live in a false reality? I can’t remember the mental disorder.. it’s on the tip of my tongue ;p

  14. […] Women and jealousy WTFFF?// You all remember female employee (2) and Senior female employee right? […]

  15. The nice female worker, FE2, is she jacqui from ?! LOL! She also has blogs on a mean female boss that is commenting about her and a male colleague!
    or i guess all working people y3anoon mn hal shay =p
    hope i dont go thro this :S im a part time trainee in a bank!

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