This won’t be a blogorrhea (I promise)

Qualitynet is blocking deviantART

Access Denied

I’ve just tried to go to deviantART only to get an ‘Access Denied’ page (and not the usual blocked by Qualitynet page), and a message at the bottom saying ‘ Your request was denied because of its content categorization’.

As I recall, deviantART has been blocked by Qualitynet before and this is not the first time.

The address also curiously contains ‘Zain’ (, though I have no idea how it’s related to Zain.

UPDATE: This is getting weird. One person told me that they’re using Qualitynet and they can view the site. I checked again just to make sure, I still get an access denied page with the image above. I’ve also accidentally discovered that I can right click on the page if I’m using Firefox or Flock, but when I right click in Internet Explorer I get the window below!


First Zain is mentioned in the address, and now MTC! Also notice the retarded spelling lololol.

12 Responses to “Qualitynet is blocking deviantART”

  1. 7awwel to Zajil 😉

  2. lololol eewww ;P

  3. Yeah I’m blocked out too, but I viewed a deviant profile from a link in google the other day and it worked..

    ..why it’s blocked I don’t know. It has its following.

    Who owns QualityNet?..excuse thy ignorance.

  4. Qualitynet is owned by Al-Ghanim, I think the one who also owns BMW if I’m not wrong.

  5. A while back it was blocked on United Networks too but now it’s available.

  6. Qualitynet need to give their employees some art and culture lessons!

  7. they need to give them some english lessons too

  8. One would think that employees there should know proper English at least!

  9. I’m using Qnet and it’s still not blocked

  10. It’s blocked today!

  11. It’s not blocked for me. I don’t know what qualitynet is doing, but it looks like as if they’re blocking selected group of IPs?

  12. Are any of the people getting this block working for MTC and using their company PCs?

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