This won’t be a blogorrhea (I promise)

Blog Review: Z District

Z District

Blog reviews are not personal attacks. The review does not assess the owner’s personality but it’s content.

Once you enter Z District, you instantly know that Marzouq (the blog owner) is a motorcycle enthusiast. You might also think that all his entries are about racing and bikes, but on the contrary.  Z District has a variety of different entries ranging from food, anime, gadgets, movies to personal entries. Even if you’re not into motorcycles, Marzouq uses a story telling kind of writing which still makes reading about motorcycles interesting. Not to mention that he attaches lots of pictures of his bike which are really cool to look at. And this is another positive. Marzouq always posts lots of pictures related to his entries, and there’s no trace of useless YouTube/Email junk. The design of the blog is also very simple and appealing to the eye and doesn’t suffer from any excessive font styling changes (Italics,Bold,etc), which makes the text body looks ugly (example).

Design: Excellent
Blogorrhea: Light
Content: Personal, Tech, Motorcycles, Video Games, Movies, etc
Comment response: Extremely Friendly

Rating:  5 stars

12 Responses to “Blog Review: Z District”

  1. why are you so nasty!!!

  2. I replied 😉 – also, you should never ever judge a person from his – her blog buddy! Rule of blogging you know! I think someone should review your blog for a change *thinking*

  3. Ermm? and why am I nasty?

    I did not judge anyone, and as I mentioned numerous times before, reviews are not personal attacks.

    Also, I thought you said blogs do not have rules? or was it a comment from one of your readers?

    In any case, you are welcome to review my blog, although I do not see how it fits the content of your blog.

  4. Marzouq makes me want to own a bike..

  5. hehehe, im sure he makes everyone want to own one

  6. His blog is quite informative, plus it’s kind of crazy cool how he’s swamped with alot of work and yet he finds the time to blog at least 5 posts a day!

    P.S. I re-made his blog design back when he re-launched it 😉

  7. Are you asking for a special mention in the review? XP

  8. LOL! But of course, shine some spotlight on me 😛 LOL! This world does of course revolve all about me!

  9. What a blasphemous comment ;p

  10. Marzouq seems to me like he is on some kind of energy pill that i need, he is always doing something and blogs like approximately 10 times a day which is insane i can barely keep up by commenting and HE has time to respond to all comments
    hehehe mabrook for him

  11. I agree on that, it’s really good how he has time to do all those things 🙂

  12. very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

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