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Buy and control your own football club

My Football Club

So why should Mr.Glazer and Mr. Abramovich be better than you? They shouldn’t, and now you can emulate them and buy your own football club and just for £35. In fact, you’ll be better than both of them since you will be able to literally control the team and also enter history.

The idea started by former football journalist Will Brooks and aimed to register 50,000 football enthusiasts, who would be willing to contribute £35 each and gather £1,375,000 to purchase a real football club.

The main idea is to give the power to the fans, who will vote on the club’s affairs and even team selection and tactics.

After long months of negotiations, the MyFootballClub team have managed to find a suitable club with potential which is Ebbsfleet United F.C. Along with myself, you probably have never heard of this club before, that’s because it’s currently playing at the Conference division (equivalent to 5th division).

Ebbsfleet United F.C

You can find more information and buy your share of the club on the MyFootballClub website.

Ebbsfleet United F.C Official website.

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