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Gahwa Review: Bu Nashi

Bu Nashi

Located in Murgab near ‘The Fund’, this is a popular gahwa especially between the employees of The Fund who go there in their breaks (aw yezargon). The setting of the place is of a typical traditional gahwa, and the owner takes advantage of the good weather at the moment by setting some ‘traditional couches’ outside. The outside benches are set on sand and are surrounded by parked cars, the gahwa is also adjacent to a main road, so the place isn’t very much atmospheric outside. For that reason I opted to sit inside where the place was almost empty and quiet. I ordered up my usual flavor of sheesha, and ‘Kushari’ tea. In gahwas tea is always served in a glass, never in a cup, as if saying cups are for rich pussies LOL. The sheesha was good, higher than the usual standard among 1/2 KD sheeshas, and it lasted well enough into the hour I spent there. The waiters and the coal boy provided good service, and if I’m not wrong the place offers free Wi-Fi. I didn’t like the bench cushions as they were stiff and I was able to feel the wooden boards of the bench.

Bu Nashi Tea & Sheesha

Overall, Bu Nashi is a lot better than other gahwas, and most importantly their sheesha is good. With the right company, it’s a good experience and the little cons are forgettable.

Rating: 4 stars

4 Responses to “Gahwa Review: Bu Nashi”

  1. So that’s what the famous Bo Nashi looks like from the inside huh!! Guys at work ditch work to go there! maskhara! all men do is go sit at gahwat! gosh!

  2. When you work for the government, you cannot blame them from ditching work as there is basically nothing to do. Gahwas are a really good place to socialize, and a place to relief stress from numerous life annoyances (like bitching spouses).

  3. I believe that was a diss!

    ..yes, it has been confirmed. Chika got dissed.

    Is the bench wide enough for one to yitraba3? That’s always a key factor.

  4. suspic,
    oh of course. You can lie down if you wish, nobody would care ;p

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