This won’t be a blogorrhea (I promise)

Blogging on the go

I’m posting this from the toilet at work.
Wordpress’ mobile version is fairly simple with options of viewing your stats and making a post. Though there’s no picture upload unfortunately (fortunately for you). I’m not sure though if having a full mobile browser will enable more options.
The latest Sony Ericsson mobiles have a built-in Blogger editor which lets you create and edit a photo blog.
Time to wash up.KKBYE

8 Responses to “Blogging on the go”

  1. Oooooookay,, and you were complaining about my BATHWATER???? LOOOL

  2. LOL i think that’s disgustingly cute :p

  3. P.S. something’s wrong with me lol

  4. Hey I’m a guy. It’s okay to say those things for guys ;p
    Besides you’re missing the point here! Look at how blogging became so easy and convenient!

  5. I’m guessing all you did was number 1, if it was number 2 we’d be reading emphasized words like “im ppppppposting from the bbbbbbblog” from those crucial moments in the bathroom.

  6. lololol If you must know, it was number 2. Besides, texting all that on the mobile takes a while ;p

  7. Problem with bloggong thru SE is that its in collaboration with blogger (bleh)

  8. It also seems Nokia is implementing blogging to their new devices as well.

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