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Review: Flock 1.0 – A must for every blogger


Good bye Firefox. Flock is a web browser with a twist. The main two attractions of this new browser is that it’s based on the Mozilla Firefox engine only better. The second thing is the very convenient social integration.

Being based on Firefox means that your favorite add-ons and themes will probably make it to Flock. In addition, Flock is noticably more stable and in the past few days I’ve been using it, I haven’t experienced a single crash.

Your Facebook, YouTube, Flickr accounts and more are all integrated into your website, making your social online life at your fingertips.

Not only that, but Flock has an integrated blog editor that is compatible with Blogger, WordPress and a host of other blogging sites, which gives you the ability to blog anywhere and anytime.

Flock also has a built-in personal hub called ‘My World’ which is something similar to iGoogle and Netvibes, only better.

-Integrates with many social services.
-Built-in Blog editor and Feed reader.
-Supports Add-ons and themes.

-Little add-ons and no themes are available at the moment, and Firefox add-ons are unusable.
-Just like Firefox, Flock is a memory junkie.
-Needs a little getting used to with all the buttons.
Flock is a solid web browser that easily replaces the likes of Internet Explorer, and the fact that it’s based on the Mozilla Firefox engine makes it a no-brainer.

Get Flock 1.0

Rating: 5 stars

6 Responses to “Review: Flock 1.0 – A must for every blogger”

  1. I too was fascinated by Flock, but since it’s a copy of firefox it disappointed me!

    Firefox will have a lot more improvements i believe more than flock 😉

  2. Well for me the fact that it’s based on Firefox, made this my new number one browser. I also think that if flock was built from scratch, it wouldn’t have been so successful since it would probably been very buggy.

  3. Flock is the only social web browser around. What do I mean by that? The philosophy of Flock’s developers is to create a browser dedicated to share, collaborate and interact with others. That’s why there are so many services tightly integrated into Flock.

    Everything you need to do, is right there at the tip of your fingertips. For example:

    1. Sharing photos
    2. Writing a blog post
    3. Sharing videos
    4. Socially interacting with your friends
    5. Uploading photos into your media bar
    6. Smart search engines
    7. Saving information from websites directly into your Clipboard

    If you use all of the above, you’ll see that Flock is very different from the traditional browsers we have been using before.

    Having Flock based on Mozilla Firefox gives this browser greater stability and security.

    Just my 2 cents on this exciting browser.

  4. Couldn’t agree more with you Omar!

  5. Flock is great, I like its simple layout and ultra-light package compared to other browsers. However, once you use it on a Mac you’ll find better alternatives such as OmniWeb. Personally though, I prefer Safari over all.

  6. I’ve tried Safari on Windows, but i couldn’t see it replace Firefox at that time, but anything is better than IE!

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