This won’t be a blogorrhea (I promise)

So why should you totally add this to your favourites?

Because I had this blog brewing in my brain for a long time now, and I have lots of accumulated ideas that I will be trying to implement. Of course I won’t mention anything right now so nobody can steal my genius ideas, and so that you come back and check what’s all the fuss about. KKBYE

Oh and yeah, I would appreciate if you spam your own blog with links to my blog. KKBYE

5 Responses to “So why should you totally add this to your favourites?”

  1. *takes your word for it*

  2. lol this sounds interesting.. show us what you’ve got :p

  3. Aww my 1st two comments. Just don’t put your expectations too high ;p

  4. Hmmmm. I basically went through the whole of your blog; and now I can safely tell you how far you’ve kept up to the level of “expectations” you sought to raise in this post; pretty much, I like the unique nature of your posts; the blog reviews; the work episodes.



    I’m no pro myself buttt..I sincerely dislike the blog design!

  5. Thanks for your feedback.

    Although WordPress offers many choice for themes, most of them are bland or just recycles. The good ones are already by everyone, so I said I’d go with something that I didn’t see being used alot.

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